Media Engagements

  • This page lists online or print media engagements that are based on interviews with journalists.

Seibt, S (2024, Jul 16). Attentat raté contre Trump : un tremplin pour “BlueAnon” et le complotisme de gauche? France24 (in French).

Donaldson, K (2024, Jun 5). Shouting ‘liar’ at Sunak won’t stop voters fearing Labour tax hikes. i newspaper.

Kupferschmidt, K (2024, May 30). Tiny number of ‘supersharers’ spread the vast majority of fake news. Science.

Ghafoor (2024, Apr 6). Wenn die Wahrheit nicht reicht. Der Tagesspiegel (in German).

Pot (2024, Mar 22). How I Learned to Ignore the Worst of the Internet. Lifehacker.

Wilkinson (2024, Mar 22). Empathy is key to overcoming vaccine hesitancy, research suggests. Pulse.

Addley, Milmo and Roth (2024, Mar 20). ‘Where is #katemiddleton?’: theories on Kate’s whereabouts go global The Guardian

Caulfield, T (2024, Jan 25). Lies, Damn Lies, and Tucker Carlson The Walrus.

Markolin, P (2024, Jan 16). Elon Musk’s War Against Science, Evidence and Objective Truth Canberra Times.

Summers, W (2023, Dec 10). ‘Fake news’ claims open up new front in Middle East war Canberra Times.

Nehring, C (2023, Nov 10). KI-erzeugte Desinformation: Was Weißes Haus, G7 und Marktführer vorschlagen Der Tagesspiegel (German).

Rudgard, O and Zuidijk, D (2023, Aug 22). Wildfires and Extreme Weather Are Driving Climate Denialism Online Bloomberg.

Eisele, I (2023, Aug 7). Fact check: Why do we believe fake news? Deutsche Welle.

Kupferschmidt, K (2023, Jul 27). Does social media polarize voters? Unprecedented experiments on Facebook users reveal surprises Science.

Eisele, I (2023, Jul 8). Fact check: Why do we believe fake news? Deutsche Welle.

Sethi, P (2023, Apr 17). Climate of conspiracy: How 15-minute cities became a conspiratorial talking point. Logically Facts.

Ross, M (2023, Apr 14). The danger of the Flat Earth theory. Logically Facts.

Ní Chonghaile, C (2023, Mar 4). The tip of the iceberg. The New European.

Kupferschmidt, K (2023, Feb 8). Twitter’s plan to cut off free data access evokes ‘fair amount of panic’ among scientists. Science.

Hodson, J and Galizia, A (2023, Feb 1). 5 expert tips to protect yourself from online misinformation. The Conversation.

AFP (2023, Jan 31). Politics, cash, fame: what motivates climate change deniers. RFI.

Pipa News (2023, Jan 28). Why don’t we talk more about acid rain and the ozone hole? Scientists debunk disinformation. Pipa News.

Bernstien, J (2023, Jan 28). Why don’t we talk about acid rain and the ozone hole anymore? Scientists debunk misinformation. CBC News.

University of Bristol (2023, Jan 27). Report highlights cost of misinformation to health care services during COVID-19 pandemic. Medical Xpress.

Weeks, C (2023, Jan 26). Vaccine hesitancy, COVID conspiracies led to thousands of deaths, high cost for health care system, report finds. The Globe and Mail.

Major, D (2023, Jan 26). COVID-19 misinformation cost at least 2,800 lives and $300M, new report says. CBC News.

Rosenberg, P (2022, Nov 12). What’s behind Elon’s Twitter disaster? A fundamental misunderstanding of “free speech”. salon.

Sima, R (2022, Nov 3). Why do our brains believe lies?. Washington Post.

Mitchell, N (2022, Aug 29). Video ‘vaccine’ for fake news works, psychologists find. University World News.

Kalia, S (2022, Aug 25). ‘Pre‑bunking’ Fake News on YouTube Helped Curb Misinformation, Shows Study. The Swaddle.

Grant, N and Hsu, T (2022, Aug 24). Google Finds ‘Inoculating’ People Against Misinformation Helps Blunt Its Power. New York Times.

Wilson, P (2022, June 12). Crop Circles Were Made by Supernatural Forces. Named Doug and Dave. New York Times.

Abrams, A (2022, April 11). The role of psychological warfare in the battle for Ukraine. American Psychological Association.

Bastian, H (2022, April 5). Where Is the Line Between Being Critical & Contrarian? Thoughts On a Plague. PLOS BLOGS Absolutely Maybe

Witze, A (2022, April 1). A global warming pause that didn’t happen hampered climate science. ScienceNews.

Kupferschmidt, K (2022, March 23). Detecting bullshit. Science.

Yong, E (2022, March 8). How did this many deaths become normal?. The Atlantic.

Hirstein, A (2022, March 5). Ursprung des Covid-19-Virus: Glauben nur noch Verschwörungstheoretiker an die Laborthese?. NZZ magazin.

Bacchi, U. (2022, February 24). Facebook and climate change: can falsehoods be reined in?. Reuters.

Love, S. (2022, January 12). What We Don’t Want to Know. Vice.

PA Media (2021, December 8). Hardcore vaccine refuseniks could need deradicalising like terrorists – expert. The Independent.

Bennett, C. (2021, December 8) Covid: Hardcore vaccine refuseniks could need deradicalising like terrorists, says expert. GBNews.

Montay, J. (2021, November 4). Global warming and scientific disinformation: an air of déjà vu? (in French). RTBF.

Davison, T. (2021, June 16). Love Island’s Alexandra Cane embraces career change by training as a healer. Mirror.

Venn, L. (2021, June 8). Anti-vax celebrities: These are the celebs who say they’re refusing the vaccine. The Tab.

Gritt, E. (2021, June 6). Love Island’s Alexandra Cane slammed for refusing Covid jab in favour of meditation. Mirror.

Sharma, R. (2021, June 5). Love Island star Alexandra Cane’s claim Covid jab is ‘experimental’ is ‘irresponsible’, say scientists. iNews.

Gross, L. (2021, May 24). Fighting Attacks on Inconvenient Science—and Scientists. Inside Climate News.

Cookson, C., & Gross, A. (2021, April 15). ‘Slow’ UK response to AstraZeneca side-effects alarms experts. Financial Times.

Kupferschmidt, K., & Vogel, G. (2021, March 18). European countries resume use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, hoping pause has not dented confidence. Science.

Blagburn, F. (2021, March, 5). How QAnon Could Make Climate Conspiracies a Whole Lot Worse. Vice.

Newhart, B. (2021, February, 18). 70% of Brits support COVID-19 tracking tech — as long as it’s voluntary. The Academic Times.

McBain, S. (2021, February, 10). Can Covid-19 conspiracy theorists be reformed? New Statesman.

Chadwick, J. (2021, January 22). 70% of Brits SUPPORT using tracking technology and immunity passports to fight COVID-19 pandemic, study suggests. Daily Mail.

Holloway, H. (2021, January 19). China spreading warped anti-vax conspiracies about Pfizer jab after ’33 elderly people die in Norway’. The Sun.

Abrams, Z. (2021, January 15 [online first]). Controlling the spread of misinformation: Psychologists’ research on misinformation may help in the fight to debunk myths surrounding COVID-19. APA Monitor.

Grubb, S. (2021, January 8). Bristol experts unveil free resource that gives a ‘truth sandwich’ to covid deniers and anti-vaxxers. Bristol Post.

Schofield, C. (2021, January 7). Scientists have created a new online guide to fight Covid vaccine myths – what you need to know. Derry Journal.

PA Media (2021, January 7). Experts create guide aimed at fighting Covid-19 vaccine misinformation. Daily Mail.

Lay, K., O’Neill, S., Smyth, C., Blakely, R., & Wace, C. (2021, January 7). Wait for supplies forces GPs to delay Covid vaccine clinics. The Times.

Ng, K. (2021, January 7). Scientists create guide to building truth ‘sandwich’ to combat Covid misinformation. The Independent.

Krischna, R. (2020, December 23). 2020, the year QAnon aligned with the UK’s fears. FullFact.

Brewis, H. (2020, 10 November). Donald Trump tweets about unrelated topics to distract from bad press, new study finds. Evening Standard. 

PRESS ASSOCIATION (2020, 10 November). Donald Trump uses tweets to divert from uncomfortable topics, study finds. Daily Mail.

Plitt, L. (2020, November 2). Por qué la pandemia de covid-19 ha dado lugar a tantas teorías conspirativas que ponen en riesgo la batalla contra el coronavirus. [Spanish]. BBC Mundo.

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Gogarty, C., (2020, September 19). Covid-deniers: What is going through the heads of people who think coronavirus isn’t real. Bristol Post.

Fahlberg, A. (2020, September 15). What Makes People Fall for QAnon? The Dispatch.

Bogle, A. (2020, August 23). How the QAnon conspiracy theory is tearing family and friends apart in Australia. ABC News.

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Skopeliti, C. (2020, July 15). What It’s Like to Escape the Mindset of a Conspiracy Theorist. Vice.

Tanner, S. (2020, July 14). Debunked: the conspiracy claiming there has ‘been no Covid pandemic’ – shared by thousands including prominent journalist. iNews.

Griffith, C. (2020, July 7). When Facebook gets under your skin. The Australian. (paywalled)

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Shepherd, T. (2020, June 6). ‘It’s psychologically easier’: how anti-vaxxers capitalised on coronavirus fears to spread misinformation. The Guardian.

Dawson, B. (2020, June 2). How to spot misinformation amid the Black Lives Matter protests. Dazed.

Ouatik, B. (2020, May 30). Oui, il y a eu de véritables complots. Radio-Canada [French].

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Lamoureux, M. (2020, May 7). Great, Cell Tower Fires Have Finally Made Their Way to Canada. Vice.

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Simmank, J. (2019, May 24). “Es geht darum, Verwirrung und Chaos zu stiften”. Die Zeit.
(Partial English version here).

Romm, J. (2019, May 18). ‘We have lost Australia for now,’ warns climate scientist in wake of election upset. ThinkProgress.

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